Achieve 100% tool control and accountability... everywhere, all the time.

Decrease FOD, Increase Efficiency, Lower Costs
Your current manual tool control process probably costs a lot more than you think.

Whether you’re an aerospace OEM, an MRO or an aircraft operator, you know how important accurate tool control is in reducing the risk of Foreign Object Damage (FOD). Every year, thousands of tools are misplaced or left in aircraft during assembly and maintenance activities. Each one represents a critical threat to safety.
Accurate tool control improves efficiency of operations. Often robust tool control procedures are manual and time con suming. Tool check-out, check-in, inventory and lost tool sweeps waste tens of thousands of hours every year that would be better spent building and maintaining aircraft.
Designed by aerospace experts for aerospace experts, the PinPoint™ tool control system brings together key technologies to provide the most comprehensive and automated electronic tool control system available. Developed and tested for over nine years, it has proven to decrease FOD risk and improve efficiencies in the kind of rigorous aerospace industry operations you manage every day. It even works with your existing tools.

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