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HABCO Expands Logistics and Warehousing Capabilities into East Hartford, CT

Early in 2019, HABCO secured 25,000 square feet of additional logistics and warehousing space in East Hartford, CT.

Brian Montanari, President and CEO, said: “In true HABCO fashion, we reacted quickly in order to provide the ultimate customer experience. A key customer had a warehousing need and we wanted to meet their need. Within six weeks of being notified of the opportunity, we identified a location, negotiated a lease, and closed on the deal. The entire facility was cleaned out, repaired and updated with a security system and cameras. We accomplished a lot in 45 days, bringing HABCO to another level of trusted and dedicated support to our valued aerospace customers.”

The warehouse facility will free up critical manufacturing space to allow for planned growth in the headquarter location in Glastonbury, CT. Warehousing and logistics of engine tooling and ground support equipment continues to reinforce the commitment we have to our customers in providing all-encompassing solutions of their maintenance needs.

Brian, a strong believer in Lean principles, also said, “Within the next couple of weeks, the entire Glastonbury manufacturing facility will be set up with a new operational layout. This is all being done to reduce waste and improve flow, to be more effective in our execution and to set-up production lines for our new contracts.”