Quality: It's What Drives Us

In aerospace, quality can never be viewed as a given. For us, quality means ensuring that everything is right – the first time. Quality is inherently a part of everything that HABCO does across every product that we touch – whether it is our own or that of another company that we’re repairing. Total customer satisfaction is where our quality programs are ultimately measured.

Customers can count on HABCO to deliver products that conform to all quality standards and adhere to the most stringent customer inspection criteria. With a lean mentality manifested across the company, quality is built into everything we do. It’s who HABCO is and what we’re all about.

Lean Workplace

HABCO strives daily to be better than we were yesterday – that is what fuels our Lean focus.  As the business continues to grow and change, so must our operations. We’ve completely reworked our shop floor to better facilitate flow.  Better flow means more efficiencies for us, and quicker response times for our customers.