Our state-of-the-art technologies, world-class brands and global solutions uniquely position HABCO as one of the premier worldwide suppliers in the aerospace industry, offering solutions of systems, products and services to the largest aerospace and airline companies in the industry. We also offer comprehensive service and support to our customers throughout the lifespan of their equipment. Throughout our history, we have helped revolutionize the aerospace industry with a passion for invention, helping our customers define and deliver the future.

  • Aftermarket Support
  • Airframe Maintenance
  • Component Testing
  • Engine Maintenance
  • Safety Equipment

Spare Parts
HABCO carries and installs all replacement parts for your equipment. We stock all minor and most major spare parts for off-the-shelf convenience when you need them. We guarantee genuine and brand new parts from accredited manufacturers. All our parts pass through HABCO’s ISO-9001:2000 certified quality assurance inspection and are shipped with a certificate of conformance.

Calibration Services
HABCO calibrates all the products and parts that are manufactured by our company. We offer the ability to engage with our calibration service offering through either individual purchase orders or through long term purchasing agreements. Our calibration services are performed either onsite at user locations or completed in-house at our operation.