HABCO manufactures a wide and complete array of test stands, fuel, transmission and hydraulic carts, test kits and tire cages. HABCO has support and test product solutions for a multitude of aerospace and defense applications.

As the leader in testing and ground support equipment for more than 45 years, HABCO Industries has consistently provided its customers everything they need, just as they need it, right when they need it – with unparalleled attention to detail and customer support. Habco’s unmatched, highly focused and passionately dedicated staff draw daily upon their unique capabilities and extensive experience in electro-mechanical systems, user-friendly software, and design for Lean manufacturing. We consistently anticipate the needs of our customers and routinely exceed their expectations.

  • Industry leading breadth, depth, and experience
  • Quality, high value product backed by an unparalleled warranty program
  • Broad range of configurations and options
  • Meticulous attention to every detail
  • Dedicated, timely, and comprehensive customer service and support

The HABCO difference is what happens in pursuit of providing you with the ultimate customer experience. HABCO designs and manufactures ground support equipment and test stands for military and commercial aircraft, engines, and engine components. With over 40 years of experience in various industries, HABCO has numerous products that span the flight line, depots, overhaul and repair centers, OEM’s, and second tier manufacturers.


PinPoint™ Electronic Tool Control Systems from HABCO deliver the most automated and comprehensive electronic tool control system designed exclusively for aerospace manufacturing and maintenance applications. Accurate tool control reduces the risk of FOD. Every year, thousands of tools are misplaced or left in aircraft during assembly and maintenance activities.